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British protectorate State of Bahawalpur (1838-1947)

Nawab Sadiq Mohammed V Abbasi (1907-1947)

Denomination: 1/2 pice
Year indicated on the coin: 1359 - 1940
The coin was made with the indication of the years: 1940
Metal: copper
Diameter: 21.0 mm.
Edge type: smooth
Mutual position of obverse and reverse: medal (0°)
Signs on the coin: no
Mint: not marked
Additional information: the Nawab (ruler) of Bahawalpur Al-Haj Sadiq Mohammed V Abbasi Bahadur (years of life 1904-1966) is depicted on the coin; from 1921 - lieutenant of the British Indian Army, in 1941, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, he was appointed commander of the British colonial forces in the Middle East; since 1946 - major general, in 1947 - awarded the title of emir