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Independent state Emirate of Bukhara (1917-1920) (in the period 1868-1917 - protectorate of Russia)

Emir Sayyid Mir Alim Khan (1917-1920)

Denomination: 10 tenge
Year indicated on the coin: 1337 (1918-1919)
The coin was made with the years indicated: 1337
Metal: brass (these coins were probably made from shell cases)
Diameter: 29.0-29.5 mm.
Edge type: smooth
Mutual position of obverse and reverse: ?; the orientation of the obverse and reverse of this coin is broken and is approximately 150° (almost coin-shaped)
Signs on the coin: no
Mint: Bukhara (not marked with ?)
Additional information: the coin has a defect - stamp offset