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Elblag (Elbing) city - First Swedish occupation (1626-1636)

King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden (1611-1632)

Denomination: 1/24 Taller
Year indicated on the coin: 29 (1629)
The coin was made with the indication of years: 28-33
Metal: silver
Diameter: 19.7 mm.
Edge type: smooth
Mutual position of obverse and reverse: ?; the orientation of the obverse and reverse of this coin is broken and is approximately 130° (closer to the mint)
Signs on the coin: none
Mint: not marked
Additional information: on the left scan is written: MON NO CIVI ELB (Moneta Nova Civitas Elbing - new money of the city of Elbing); on the right scan it says: GVS ADO DG REX S (Gustavus Adolphus Dei Gratia Rex Svecorum - Gustavus Adolphus, by God's grace, King of Sweden); the city of Elblag (German Elbing) is currently located in the north of modern Poland, was founded in 1237 by the crusaders; throughout its history was repeatedly in the possession of Prussia (then Germany), Sweden and Poland