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   Belgium's euro were put into cash circulation on January 1, 2002, replacing the Belgian franc. On the national side of Belgian coins of all denominations, the profile of King Albert II of Belgium is depicted.

   Since 1999, 3 series of Belgian euro coins have been issued. So in 2008, according to the recommendation of the European Commission, the obverse of the coin underwent some changes. The letters "BE" were added, identifying the state, as well as the year of issue and the monogram of the king were transferred from the outer ring to the inside of the coins. In addition, some changes were made to the portrait of King Albert II, however, these changes contradict the recommendations of the European Commission, allowing changes to the portrait of the head of state once every 15 years. Thus, in 2009, the third series of Belgian coins was issued, on which all the changes of 2008 remained, but with a portrait of the 1999 model.

   Like all eurozone countries, Belgium has the right to issue one commemorative coin with a face value of €2 per year. As of 2013, 11 such coins have been issued. All of them are legal tender throughout the eurozone.

   In addition to commemorative euro coins, Belgium annually issues collectible gold and silver coins in denominations from €5 to €100. A total of 63 euro collectible coins were issued from 2002 to 2013:33 silver and 30 gold.



Belgium euro coins:

Belgium coins of regular minting of the 1999 model

Coins of Belgium regular coinage model 2008

Belgium coins of regular minting of the 2009 model

Commemorative coins of the Euro of Belgium

Circulation of Belgian euro coins