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Euro coins of Portugal

    Portuguese euro coins have been minted since 2002 at the Portuguese Mint in Lisbon. From that moment on, the euro replaced the national currency of the escudo country.

   The obverse of the coins depicts the royal seal of the first king of Portugal, Afonso I, of samples 1134, 1142 and 1144. Also in the circumference are 7 castles and 5 coats of arms of the country, between which the inscription "PORTUGAL" is inscribed and the year of issue of the coin is indicated.

Since    2007, Portugal began to issue commemorative coins of 2 euro. In total, 23 anniversary coins were issued, including coins from the Roman Treaty series, "10 years of the Economic and Monetary Union" "10 years of cash circulation of the euro" and "30 years of the flag of Europe."

   Portugal also produces collectible coins of gold and silver. By 2020, the country issued more than 250 collectible coins, in denominations from 0.25 euro cents to 10 euro.



Euro coins of Portugal:

Coins of Portugal regularly minted

Commemorative euro coins of Portugal

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