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San Marino Euro Coins

1 Euro Cent, San Marino

Edge: Smooth

Obverse: Montale Tower



1 Euro centCopper coated steel2.3 g16.25 mm

1.67 mm



2 Euro cents, San Marino

Edge: Smooth

Obverse: Statue of Liberty in San Marino



2 euro centsCopper coated steel3.06 g18.75 mm1.67 mm



5 Euro cents, San Marino

Edge: Smooth

Obverse: Guaita Tower



5 Euro centsCopper coated steel3.92 g21.25 mm1.67 mm



10 Euro cents, San Marino

Edge: Large-fleece

Obverse: St. Marino Temple



10 Euro centsNorthern gold (copper-aluminum alloy)4.1 g19.75 mm1.93 mm



20 Euro cents, San Marino

Edge: Smooth with recesses

Obverse: Saint Marino - Founder of the Republic of San Marino



20 Euro centsNorthern gold (copper-aluminum alloy)5.74 g22.25 mm2.14 mm



50 Euro cents, San Marino

Edge: Large-fleece

Obverse: Three towers of San Marino - Guaita, Chesta and Montale



50 Euro centsNorthern gold (copper-aluminum alloy)7.8 g24.25 mm2.38 mm



1 Euro, San Marino

Edge: Riffled with smooth areas

Obverse: Coat of arms of San Marino



1 euro

Outer part - nickel brass

Inner part - copper-nickel alloy

7.5 g23.25 mm2.33 mm



2 Euro San Marino

Edge: Riffled with the inscription "2"

Obverse: San Marino State Palace



2 euro

Outer part - copper-nickel alloy

Inside - nickel brass

8.5 g25.75 mm2.2 mm



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